Facebook best practices

Make the most of your posts.

Today 74% of adults online actively use social media, making it a great place to share oral care tips with patients between check-ups. You can easily Tweet short recommendations, give quick responses over Facebook or give people a snapshot inside your practice on Instagram. Novice or expert, we’re here to help you get the most out of your posts!
Plan your posts

Plan your posts.

  • Find the right frequency of posting to maximize your time and effort.
  • Keep posts short and sweet, and add an image to increase the likelihood your posts will be viewed.
Listen to your community

Listen to your community.

  • Talk with patients on social media the same way you would in person—light and friendly.
  • Never ignore requests or questions and look for ways to show you’re listening.
Protect patient privacy

Protect patient privacy.

  • Don't identify someone as a patient or reference his or her medical data.
  • Don't have direct conversations with patients. Stick to general advice and updates on your practice.

The above should not be considered legal advice and all online/social media activity must comply with privacy laws, rules and regulations, such as HIPPA and FTC guidelines, and website-specific terms of use.

Looking for a place to start? Visit Facebook for Business to learn how to set up a page.
According to our online poll, more than half of you use social media already!

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